Exclusive: DJ KODH 30min Live Mix

Watch world championship winning DJ KODH​ chop, cut and scratch his way through 30 mins of the finest free future music.

In this exclusive video mix for Freats / Free Future Music​ we explore the greatest beats, bumps, bass & grooves released for free recently. Check the playlist and get the full free high quality WAV audio download below:

  1. Paul Mond​ – Bellini Samba
  2. Full Crate​ X Bryn Christopher X Trinidad James – Vogue (BANDICUT. Flip)
  3. Paul Mond – finesse / sango – me dê amor (baile flip)
  4. Radical One​ – ANSIEDAD
  5. Tera Kòrá​- Bam Bam
  6. Petit piment​ – Razão
  7. Evil Needle​ – Branxx – Nah Stop Smoke Weed (Evil Needle Remix)
  8. Arif Omari & Franklin​ – That Ting [Thanks For 700]
  9. Ticklish​ – He Wasnt Man Enough (Ticklish Reboot)
  10. Baron Fields – Got Me Trippin’
  11. maxd​ – touch (feat. Austin Salter)
  12. Tera Kòrá – Pistols
  13. Tera Kòrá – on my mind
  14. Mymble – Street Kids
  15. KODH – Life

D/L: https://soundcloud.com/freats/freats-x-kodH

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