30 Min Mix: Free future beats, bass, trap & hip hop from April 2017

Warmness and light are the themes in this month’s Freats free future music mix.


Our first segment features a crusty, subaqueous instrumental from Matthewdavid which ebs into a sparse, 808 chill hop track from P. Morris. The vibe turns slightly upbeat, with a tight live breakbeat on Tor’s remix of 9 Theory, before going full future disco on Thomey Bors’ underplayed gem ‘The Legend’. We continue the 80’s dancefloor vibe with one of two featured Kaytranada produced Lou Phelps rap joints. Now for the –


Toadface snaps us right back to 2017 with a remix of yunis’ ‘Fallen’ – featuring a pumping, distorted bassline and clanking boom bap drums. Ivy Lab uses a classic R&B sample and flips us back to the early noughties with ‘Indian Flute’.

As we enter mid-set territory, we become a little introspective and a lot soulful. Uplifting piano samples and bumping boom bap grooves from Ghosting takes us into U-Wish’s dub head-nodder ‘Vanishing Point’.  French neo-soul legend, Sly Johnson, gives us a stripped down cover of MJ’s Billie Jean before melting into Lou Phelps’ second track of the mix; the chunky ‘Last Call’. Time for another –


A HOUNDS and Baht collaboration brings us back to those dank, spacial trap sounds that are defining 2017’s beat scene. We quickly chop to Sovereign Nation’s grime influenced club boomer then onto an-ten-nae’s rap vocal sampling groover ‘Keep Your Head Up’. Next we decend into full grime with yunis’ Wiley sampling ‘grimeting’, which invokes London’s dark, close underground dancefloors. Those distorted industrial sounds give way to a more dub tinged broken beat groove from Depf. Finally we end in an almost empyrean climax with a shuffling beat from Sebastian Kamae. Not before his track breaks down into a warm, jazzy mess of an outro.

See the full 5 hr playlist – https://soundcloud.com/freats/sets/free-future-beats-bass-trap-april-17


  1. Matthewdavid – Puerto Rican Frogs From Glossolalia
  2. P. Morris – Soft Hands
  3. 9 Theory – Orale (Tor Remix)
  4. Thomey Bors – The Legend
  5. Lou Phelps – What Time Is It? (feat. Innanet James)
  6. yunis – Fallen (Toadface remix)
  7. Ivy Lab – Indian Flute [Ivy Lab’s 2020 Bootleg]
  8. Ghosting – One Summer (Spirited Away)
  9. U-Wish – Vanishing Point
  10. Sly Johnson – Billie Jean REPRISE
  11. Lou Phelps – Last Call (feat. Bishop Nehru)
  12. HOUNDS & Baht – Morning Star
  13. Sovereign Nation – Brief Reflection
  14. an-ten-nae – Keep Your Head Up
  15. yunis – Grimeting
  16. Depf – Signals
  17. Sebastian Kamae – Maiden Voyage
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