Detroit Soul Influences, Sampha Flip & More Raw High Noon Beats

February has a been good month for free future music. Here’s our favourites from the last 7 days –

Liquid Monk – On The Rocks (feat. Jaye Prime, Hugo Biggs)

Detroit natives, Liquid Monk, continue their home city’s rich soul heritage with a slinky R&B joint. Taking heavy influences from The Roots and The Internet, the breathy female vocals flows over a lazy live drum beat, rubbery funk bass and jazz infused keys. Simple funk soul done well.

Stanzah! – Inside

More Detroit inspired vibes, this time from a British viewpoint. Stanzah! takes a vocal cut from fellow Londoner Sampha and lays it on a Dilla-esque hip hop beat. The results is a spatial, haunting mixture of electronica and dubby soul. We’re looking forward to more from the man Stanzah.

yunis – gold chainz

Last week we featured a trap banger by Pacific Patterns from the High Noon Artist Pact’s project. We love how this collective of exciting artists are “seeking to confront and challenge the common pitfall of overcomplicating and overproducing art”. ‘Gold Chainz’ pretty much sums up that premise, with a clean and simple take on a bass driven boom bap monster. Yunis is a regular here on Freats, with consistently high productions values and originality in his craft.

BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble – Journeys to Beaches [Buscrates Electro Flip]

We continue with the Detroit influence with this jazz funk bumper from BusCrates. Using an MPC2000XL, Rhodes electric piano, Moog Bass, Monologue, Minilogue and MS-20 Minimoog, the producer from Pittsburgh expertly takes the beat to unexpected places. Often breaking down into Herbie Hancock like electronic jazz, while retaining that Dilla style bump.

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