Double Migos flips, new future pop collab & wavey bass

Get with last week’s finest free future music –

monte booker – raindrop, droptop

One of two of our picks for last weeks many Migos flips. Monte Booker, adds a laid back, groovy vibe to ‘Bad & Boujee’.  The Chicago based producer uses clucking percussion and music box melodies under Migos’ looped vocals, causing a hypnotising whirlpool of spaced out textures and grooves.

Whethan VS Oliver Tree – All You Ever Talk About

Another Chicago based producer collabs with Oliver Tree to drop a bouncing future pop monster. The ever popular Whetan is part of the new wave of producers such as Mura Masa and Flume who like to combine idiosyncratic, catchy pop hooks with dark, crunchy future beats production. ‘All You Ever Talk About’ is the archetype of this. White-boy indie pop vocals repeat over a bouncy, bass driven beat that keep the listener’s head nodding while providing ample spoonfuls of uplifting vibes.

CharlestheFirst & potions – Veils

Debuted via the ever-dependable Night Owl Collective, ‘Veils’ is the result of a collaboration between producers CharlestheFirst & potions. A beautifully atmospheric intro drops into a morphing bass synth and half step drums which chops and changes between darkness and head nodding satisfaction. We’re looking forward to hearing more from these two.

 Migos – Bad And Boujee (omniboi Rmx)

The second pick of Migos remixes is this wonderfully strange jazz rework by LA producer, omniboi. This sounds like Muzak on Ketamine, using near-midi sounding drums and keys offset against the rapper’s vocals. The masterful element of this flip is the producers use of changing jazz rhythms, building layers of pizzicato string plucks and PS2 era Japanese gaming soundtrack brass sections. Omniboi just hit us with a curveball that’ll keep us relistening and relistening, trying to work out how the fuck he made this!

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