This Weeks Essential Free DLs

Take a look at this weeks finest free future music –

Herzeloyde & Mo Vibez – Badass

First up is an Austro-Australian collab from two of Souncloud’s brightest and most popular young beats makers – Mo Vibez & Herzeloyde. This instrumental encapsulates the prominent sounds of 2016; swaying rhythms, big booming basslines and tight snapping drums.

Childish Gambino – Terrified (Zikomo Remix)

Speaking of this year, Childish Gambino has easily won 2016 with essential new music, as well as landing a huge acting role in a galaxy far, far away. His ‘Terrified’ track gets a funk-tinged, four to the floor shake up from Zikomo, proving that a change in tempo can really up the funk levels.

Zero Tep – Propane

Both Future Beats fans and Drum n Bass, Grime and Footwork heads will all be satisfied with Zero Tep’s latest offering. A real rave influenced banger, with a morphing melody adding interest to a rolling, dance floor friendly vibe.

Ryuei Kotoge – Paper

Another bass heavy, head nodder from Japanese producer Ryuei Kotoge. Released through the Soigne Tes Oreilles digital label, ‘Paper’ has gone largely unnoticed so far. After a long pensive, tension filled intro the song evolves into crusty Grime bumper. Complete with distorted MC vocal samples from Wiley.

Mulherin – Rendezvous

On a more chill, soulful tip, next up is ‘Rendezvous’ by Mulherin. Taking cues from the new school live jazz/soul/funk generation of Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, Mulherin adds some pretty special vocal cuts and harmonies over a smooth jazz guitar laden beat. Think D’Angelo meets (old) Robin Thicke.

GRRL – At Night

Our last pick for this week features haunting vocals and skipping, UK Garage style percussion from [GRRL]. ‘At Night’ features a possible vocal sample from Yeezy’s ‘Wolves’, twisted and manipulated into an almost unrecognisable melody. This adds a unique layer to the beats atmospheric and dreamy sound.


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