NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: Ego Ella May “Tea & Sympathy (MNDSGN 91 Remix)” – Boiler Room Debuts by BOILER ROOM

BOILER ROOM April 30, 2015 at 02:57PM London has a lot of soul. Unbeknown to many, there’s a brimming school of young artists striding in the footprints left by the likes of Omar, Sade and other seasoned, UK neo-soul veterans. Ego Ella May is one of the most promising graduates, endorsed by Mr. “There’s Nothing Like This” and strapped with a growing discography that now includes the Zero EP. Released earlier this month, it’s three songs of cocoa butter smooth R&B with plenty of Ego’s vocal prowess moisturised across it.

MNDSGN massages his own charm into the remix of “Tea & Sympathy” – a tale about sorry being the hardest way. Out goes the South American shuffle of the Budgie-produced original, and in comes ample amounts of Sunday morning chill courtesy of a sauntering organ melody.

Catch the whole Zero EP as a free download here:

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