NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: Computer Jay & Orfeo – 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Standard)[Okayfuture Exclusive] by okayfuture free download

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Ahead of Okayfuture’s exclusive release of Computer Jay & Orfeo’s Standards EP, we’re sharing another fantastic track, “1979,” a cover of the iconic 90’s alternative rock single by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Last month, we premiered their popular future R&B remake of André 3000’s “Prototype.” While the Standards EP is a collection of the duo’s modern renditions of classic, recognizable songs from varying genres, it’s clear from their cover of “1979” that these are unique, indescribable reworks, unrestricted by the limitations of being defined by any one genre.

Computer Jay & Orfeo’s “1979” here sounds a little psychedelic, a little noise pop, a little shoegaze… we could go on and on. What’s it sound like to you? Stream and download their updated version of “1979” exclusively via Okayfuture.

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