NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: Emerson Twin – Worry About It Later by Cosmonostro free download

Since the end of last year, London-producer @emersontwin music have been getting props & support from Scratcha DVA, Two Inch Punch, TEED, Laurent Garnier, Throwing Snow, Nightwave & Severino and have recently clocked up plays on the Hyperdub show on Rinse FM.

Make sure to peep his Four Tet remix here.

CND1OO Emerson Twin
Release Date : 02/25/2014

01 Return Of The Twin
02 2966 Impala
03 Dance Of The Space Pygmies
04 Worry About It Later
05 All Androids Go To Heaven?
06 Flamingo Bay
07 Boomerang
08 Swarm
09 Creepers, Beware
10 Hourglass
11 The Princess Must Be Saved!
12 The End Of Our World
13 Battle Royale (Bonus Track)

Followers of Cosmonostro will have grown to expect vibrations of a galactic nature, but even the most seasoned cosmonaut will have to take on some extra hours in the centrifuge to prepare themselves for this monster.
Originally given away as a free download in late 2013, London-based producer @emersontwin’s ‘Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ now sees a re-release on the French imprint, and couldn’t fit more perfectly into their already stellar collection of releases. Envisaged as a soundtrack to an imaginary sci-fi movie, OMPS delivers all the high-octane thrills of a futuristic box office smash, sounding like a distant message from a dystopian civilisation, frantically blasting out distress signals as they’re engulfed by a supernova.
Opener ‘Return of The Twin’ begins with a seriously evil-sounding synth, launching into an 80s-tinged guitar riff that plays off skittering snares & thundering kicks. ‘Dance Of The Space Pygmies’ takes things into tribal territory, as we encounter a frantic group of disenchanted space pygmies, before suddenly becoming engulfed by a wall of bass-heavy insanity – this one’s bound to leave any club ceiling dripping onto the feral scenes unfolding beneath it. It’s not all brain-melting insanity start to finish though – beatless interlude ‘All Androids Go To Heaven?’ showcases this producer’s flair for really pulling at your heartstrings, all melancholic synthwork & arpeggiated harps. Soul greats Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel even make a surprise extraterrestrial appearance in finale ‘The End Of Our World’, laying down silky vocals over a driven beat that leaves this dreamt-up sci-fi flick on a suitably epic note.

“It’s the type of record you could easily add to a workout playlist, a sophomore release by a newcomer that’s electronically powerful enough to be by a veteran.” -@earmilk
“Kind of dubby, definitely sinister, and all fire.” -@doandroidsdance

All tracks written & produced by Emerson Twin
Mastered by Robert Thomas @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Words by Luke Bolton
Artwork by @9uillaume6onte


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