NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Fredson Jacobs Remix) by Cosmonostro free download

In case you didn’t noticed yet, we are Sci-Fi enthusiast. When it comes to inspiration, think of vintage hand-drawn book covers instead of movies, Orchestral – polyphonic or not – music more than FX.

A century ago, Holst composed the non-symphonic & orchestral suite The Planets. It was modern at the time – still is. But you may be more familar with Tomita’s 76 synthesizer-heavy version.
Now, we decided to release The Planets, the mini-compilation suite. Each instalment will compose one of the 7 original movements featuring various artists. The aim isn’t to adapt, re-interpret & sample Holst or Tomita’s work but to pay homage, remembrance in our own way. Return to the future, to its concept, ideas & details in a modern take attempt capturing elements & moods.

Fredson Jacobs is an electronic musician and beatmaker from Aarhus, Denmark. He has made a name for himself in the Danish underground hip hop scene making beats for many different artists.
Over the last couple of years he has moved his style towards a more experimental electronic style and he is exploring many different genres to find his signature sound.
With a mix of dusty samples, field recordings and synths he is constantly trying to expand and evolve his style.
In 2013 he was one of four talented electronic artists to get accepted at the Royal Danish Music Academy which has contributed further to his development as an artist that’s worth keeping an eye on

CNDO85 V/A – The Planets, Episode 1 : Neptune Choir
This compilation pays tribute to Neptune, The Mystic & its choruses.

01 Loâzo – Sanae (Rework)
02 MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Fredson Jacobs Remix)
03 Neffef – In The Game
04 Twenty9 – Cat Dad

Produced by @loazo, @fredsonjacobs, @neffef & @twenty9
Curated by @9uillaume6onte
Artwork by @9uillaume6onte


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