NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: Blakesmith – Sub & Phatty by Cosmonostro

CNDO32 Blakesmith – Wakanda
Release Date : 10/15/2013

01 Never Mind Me (Intro)
02 Alacrèche (Wakanda Territory)
03 Meryl
04 Sub & Phatty
05 Tangible
06 Ass Juggling (Outro)

Cosmonostro return to show there’s no rest for the wicked, as they call on Parisian beatmaker @blakesmith to unleash his neckbreaking Wakanda EP, fresh off the back of a spaced-out R&B rework collection by fellow frenchman Phazz. This time the name of the game is good old fashioned hip hop beats, designed to make both the head nod and the mind expand.
From start to finish this record knocks. Hard. Swinging between thundering kicks and snares that sound like the universe is shattering into splinters. Add to that some space age synths & gut-wobbling low end and you’ve got a thing of raw & rugged beauty.
Staying true to the mantra of Russell Simmons in the EP’s intro, Cosmonostro offer the release as a gift to the world in the form of a free download, snap it up free of charge whilst you still can!

“Great drums and composition” -@amin-payne
“Monster shit” -@maggz
“Vraiment frais” -@chief_beatmaker
“It’s knockin!” -@boltsbeats
“J’aime beaucoup le travail sur les drums” -@tayreeb
“That Wakanda EP knocks!!! The Intro, Alacrèche and Meryl are my favorites” -@complexion
“This new Blakesmith is dope” -Sal Martin (Cascade Records)
“Yo this is dope!” – @taurus-scott-aka-t-scott

“Honestly, we can’t remember the last time we heard something this raw and neckbreaking!” -@weunderground

Mastered by Blakesmith
All tracks produced by Blakesmith
Executive Produced by Guillaume Bonte for Cosmonostro & Blakesmith
Words by Luke Bolton
Artwork by Guillaume Bonte & Matt Andes as 96 Angles aka Voltron

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