NEW SOUNDCLOUD FREAT: Goodnight by Philip Owusu

‘Goodnight’ is the first song from my new solo album “SUBS”, coming soon.

First played on BBC by Gilles Peterson at the end of 2012, ‘Goodnight” has appeared on both Gilles Peterson’s and Anthony Valadez’s (KCRW) ‘Best of 2012’ shows, as well as Jason Bentley’s (KCRW Music Director) ‘Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2013’, lists.

It is available for download at


Oh yeah girl you keep me off the ground
with a spin on my head

The skyline leans, tips and turns
I gotta sleep low, take me to my bed

Them demons are not easily appeased
My unflinching nerve, i’ll hear verse sung of my

Oh you can drop my stained trainers right here on the side
Be good to leave one foot on the floor for

The evening rose up from a lull to meet it’s urgency
a tremor ran down through the company
A few stood down, others fell or saw their saw their chance to leave
and easily men taller and broader than me

I lined the shots and chasers up and lined them up again
in the order served by a legion of serving men
I lit the fumes and vapours and scorched the bristles off my chin
then hurled each down the rank and ravenous den

Written, Arranged and Produced by Philip Owusu
Philip Owusu: Vocals, Bass, Piano, Synths
Francis Osei: Drums
Engineering credits: Sink and Woody ‘bendingechoes’, thanks

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